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Gourmet Guide of the Gallura

An itinerary to be savoured

Sardinia is a master in terms of flavours and culinary traditions, and the Gallura is no exception, reconfirming a land that has always been linked to the cultivation and sheep-farming. In the green hills and pastures that characterize the entire region, the tradition of family businesses it has been perpetuated for centuries.

They are called “stazzi”, a name that comes from Latin meaning “a place where you stop.” And these families of farmers and sheep herders have remained, and still live in their own homes, growing vegetables, raising animals and grazing flocks.

In this guide we will help you discover the gastronomic heritage of the Gallura, typical dishes and wines that you can find in all restaurants and taverns, and that you must try during your holidays in La Vignaredda.

A journey through the flavours, the aromas, the history, the tradition that made this a unique land.


Who is this meant for?

This guide is meant for those who love to immerse themselves in the traditions of the places they travel to, fully appreciating the food and wine heritage.

What do you need?

No equipment or special skills are necessary to appreciate all the products you'll find in this guide, only the desire to try new things.

What will you see?

This guide will take you on a trip to discover the typical dishes, sweets, wine and spirits that you will have the pleasure of enjoying during your stay.