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Guide for cycle tourism trails in the Gallura

A breathtaking trail to experience while riding your bike

The Gallura boasts about having the most unique environment in the world for its variety and beauty, with ideal trails for cycling enthusiasts.

The cycling trails that cross the territory can take you to the most beautiful parts of the Gallura, where every element of nature participates in the creation of landscapes that are always different, with a rainbow of colours and shades that transform a simple bike ride into an engaging and exciting experience.

On this journey we want to help you to discover an endless variety of landscapes shades, for a trail that crosses the urban and natural context of the Gallura in its most intimate and true aspects.

Come along with us to explore the beautiful Gallura.


Who is this meant for?

The tour is designed for lovers of cycling, sports or simply enthusiasts. Given the length of the trail it is recommended that you are in good physical condition.

What do you need?

To ride along the path you will need a mountain bike and a GPS navigator. La Vignaredda can provide everything that you need.

What will you see?

The 30 km trail through the southern part of the Gallura, including Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) and Santa Teresa di Gallura, stopping between the natural and archaeological sites.