La Vignaredda – Residenza di Charme is a convenient base for exploring the beaches and the territory of Northern Sardinia.

Every day, starting from La Vignaredda, boutique vacation rentals and charming bed and breakfast in Aggius, in just 20 – 45 minutes can be reached all the most popular beaches in North Sardinia as well as untouched places in which Nature delights and surprises with its unexpected beauty.

There are easily accessible and desert white beaches lapped by clear waters or quiet coves where red rocks are immersed in green and sparkling waters. The roads wind through forests of cork oaks and varied sculptures of granite rocks surrounded by bright green and the scent of wild herbs.

Here are some places to visit for an unforgettable holiday in Gallura with drive distance from La Vignaredda:

Badesi: 8 km of deserted beach with shallow waters and transparent, suitable for children (18 km).

Red Island: a small fishing village with marina, boat rental, beach easy to reach (24 km).


La Marinedda: magnificent scenic beach with red rocks (20km).

Cala Serraina: beach, red rocks, green water in a pristine location (30km).


Vignola: magnificent beach with large panorama (35 km).

Costa Paradiso beach of Li Cossi: reacheble on foot with an easy walk to the sea (35 km).

Monte Russu: park and nature reserve with a crescent-shaped beaches of incredible beauty, quiet and sheltered coves and pine forest (35 km).


Santa Teresa di Gallura: extraordinary white granite rocks surrounded by clear sparkling water with panoramic views of the white cliffs of Bonifacio in Corsica (45 km).

Costa Smeralda (55 km).


Porto Cervo: (55km).

Maddalena Archipelago: small islands (Razzoli, Spargi) and large islands (La Maddalena and Caprera) to visit by boat or drive with 20′ ferry (55 km).


Asinara National Park, the island with the maximum security prison, has become a pristine nature park inhabited by wildlife (boars and white asses) and reachable with 10′ boat ride from Stintino (115 km).