If you do not know what to do in Sardinia after visiting the beautiful town of Olbia, you should bring to you in Aggius. Aggius is  one of the most beautiful places and fascinating  village of the whole Gallura. Aggius  offers an  authentic sardinian nature and traditions combination.

Just Aggius, in fact, allows visitors to see a very breathtaking view, to plunge into the boundless nature and exploring lakes and natural parks.

An extraordinary natural environment  offers a  fantastic destination for hikers and cycling enthusiasts.














For  this  authentic sardinian nature and traditions combination experience  Aggius is also known, and above all, for the tradition of hand-crafted rugs. Even today you can see the weavers at work, intent on defending and pass on the cultural identity of the country.

In Ethnographic Museum of Aggius (MEOC)  you can SEE  the history of craftsmanship of the carpet, as well as learn about the interesting history of the peoples who lived in this part of Sardinia. You will have the opportunity to attend very many interesting and historical re-enactments.

The historic center of Aggius

At first glance it seems Aggius carved in granite. Walking the streets eyes investigate every stone, but it takes a particularly good view, or simply straight from an inhabitant, to identify the particular signs.

In the Square warp already the license plate of the name should awaken the curiosity of the visitor.  Aggius, rather than tourists, I get the distinct impression  to be  a guests; impression confirmed by the kindness of all the people in which we encounter and from which it is hailed as fellow citizens. An habit  now lost for good education practice in almost all the “continent”.

Then you look at the ground looking for “iron nails”. Obviously they are not placed at random, but it is difficult to understand the reason, without the help of some  person from Aggius. The secret is soon out: once removed the nails, they stuck objects of wooden sticks to work on spinning.

In a nearby street you can see a real stone carpet, built as a tribute to  the women that have beenn working ewith looms  in the village.

History, culture and traditions are undoubtedly the main features of this charming Sardinian town that  to remain etched in the hearts and minds of all visitors.


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