Discover the city of Tempio Pausania and its surroundings.  It is one of the most important city of Sardinia and even its surrondings are very interesting to explore. Tempio is an ancient  roman settlement of Sardinia, located in the territories of Gallura, near Olbia and just 6 km. from Aggius.

Tempio Pausania – Corso Matteotti






























Where to eat in  Tempio Pausania

There are several taverns, restaurants and pizzerias to stop for a quick meal or to enjoy the typical food and wine of these territories. The majority are located in the town, especially in the vicinity of the cathedral, such as Trattoria Gallurese and restaurant  Il Giardino.

Do not miss award-winning Pizzeria Bosco, valued for its quality and authenticity of the products used in their recipes and rewarded with Three Wheels in the category of the best pizzas in the Italian cut. For an aperitif or a coffee you can take advantage of the different places that are located in the scenic Piazza Italia.

What to see in Tempio Pausania

A stay in Tempio Pausania is an opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the most important city Alta Gallura. Opposite the Palace of Justice can visit the Memorial Park with stunning views of Mount Limbara, or walked through the streets and alleys of the old town to admire the eighteenth century buildings that characterize the ancient settlement. St. Peter’s Cathedral is the most important religious building, built in the Middle Ages has undergone several changes that have altered the original appearance, especially in the nineteenth century.

Tempio Pausania – Cattedrale















It is located in the central square of  Tempio Pausania and you’ll notice how many other buildings have the structure  made of granite.

The main façade is linear, divided into two levels and the side elevation surprises for the neoclassical style that embellishes the structure. Another place to learn is the House of Nino Gallura, placed in the street.

The illustrious Nino Judge of Gallura, in the thirteenth century, is mentioned in the Divine Comedy, in the eighth canto of Purgatory. Medieval dwelling remains little but you can still see some of the exterior architectural elements.

Walking through the streets of Tempio Pausania, you will see many other major complexes such as Palazzo Pes Villamarina which houses the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, the Church of Our Lady of Pilar, the Church of Purgatory, and the Oratory of Our lady of the Rosary, dating from the fourteenth century. In addition, in Via delle Fonti you can find the entrance to the famous Rinaggiu sources, with attached plant idropinico. Taste these healing waters, known for its therapeutic qualities.

Tempio Pausania – Piazza della Cattedrale

Nearby Attractions of Tempio

To the north following the signs to Palau can reach Conca Marina and visit the Nuraghe Majori, that is less than 2 km from the center. The archaeological site is very interesting to visit, to discover the ancient history of these territories.

Tempio_ Pausania_ nuragh_majori
Tempio Pausania – Nuraghe Majori










Turning West on the SS 127, towards Perfugas and Laerru, after a few hundred meters to the arrivals Sources Rinaggieddu, where you can drink the healthy spring water, rich in minerals.

The Limbara Regional Park lies the neighborhood of Tempio Pausania and is the suitable destination for nature lovers, among woods and Mediterranean bush. There are different routes and excursions that lead to the discovery of Mount Limbara, 1359 meters high.

Mount_Limbara_ Rocks
Tempio Pausania – Rocks of Mount Limbara








In this area deserves to be view of the church of Our Lady of the Snows, the path leading to the building offers beautiful views of nature and beautiful landscapes.

Just 6 km. from the center of Tempio Pausania, not to be missed a visit of  Aggius. This  village , which was awarded the Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club, the quality mark of the resorts excellent Italian hinterland, offers the experience of an immersion in the life and culture of authentic Sardinia.

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